Best Ford Models for Retirees in Inverness, FL

Our team at Nick Nicholas Ford is no stranger to helping retirees find the perfect vehicle to accompany their golden adventures. Inverness, FL, is a beautiful place to retire, with plenty of amenities, outdoor adventures, and gorgeous landscapes to enjoy the retired life. You deserve the perfect vehicle to accompany you on all your adventures. Whether it's relaxing poolside or exploring the Everglades, there is a Ford SUV or truck to meet your needs.

Retirees like you have specific needs and enjoy spacious, easy-to-drive, comfortable, and reliable vehicles. Accessibility is also top of mind for larger vehicles, so we offer easy solutions with your lifestyle needs in mind. Explore our full lineup of Ford SUVs and trucks that fit your priorities at Nick Nicholas Ford.

2023 Ford Bronco Sport

The Ford Bronco Sport is the perfect companion for retirees who want to spend their time on adventures. The off-road-inspired SUV has plenty of space to fit family and friends while exuding 1960s style. The Bronco Sport is the smaller sibling of the larger, more robust Ford Bronco but offers enough capability to go off the beaten trail or cruise along Highway 41 in style. The standard engine is a turbocharged three-cylinder with all-wheel drive, and its smaller profile makes it easy to get in and out without sacrificing space for cargo.

2023 Ford Mustang

From the roar of the engine to its unmistakable style, a 2023 Mustang® coupe or convertible will raise your heart rate and stir your soul. Drawing on deep performance roots, every model features precise handling, high-powered engines and iconic design.

2023 Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is one of the larger SUVs on this list, but it is still manageable and easy to get into. It has a more upscale feel compared to previous years when it took a more rugged approach. You'll still enjoy plenty of capability, space, and safety standards with many convenient amenities. There is also a plug-in hybrid option, so you can enjoy electric driving up to 38 miles.

2023 Ford Maverick

The Ford Maverick is a wonderful choice for retirees around Inverness because it is a compact pickup that is easily accessible and capable of tackling all your adventures. The Maverick is the perfect answer for the non-truck driver who wants to enjoy the conveniences of a pickup truck while retaining the drivability of a smaller vehicle. The Ford Maverick is all about fun and casual adventures. You'll also save at the fuel pump thanks to the hybrid powertrain.

2023 Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 is the most popular pickup truck sold in the U.S. today and has been for over 40 years running. The full-size pickup offers all the capabilities to handle any adventure around Inverness. Do you have a large boat to tow? Big recreational vehicles? The Ford F-150 is the perfect companion for your retirement years if you enjoy living life to the fullest. Since the F-150 is a full-size pickup truck, we recommend opting for permanent or deployable running boards for easy access to the cabin.

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